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Join the Most Impactful Deep Tech Summit in Asia Presented By SGInnovate

The Summit will bring together leading minds in Deep Tech to exchange ideas, collaborate and build a strong and sustainable future economy.
Exploring Deep Tech through the dynamics, ethics, economics of scientific progress and implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will have a long-term impact on our lives. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Robotics and Genetic Engineering, Science has begun an irreversible trek into the unknown; in the hope of improving lives for all.
With a growing population comes complex needs and demands to be met. In order to meet those demands, cities must tap into data analytics and advanced technologies like Autonomous Vehicles to reduce the stress on its infrastructure and create a better standard of living for its citizens. Let's discuss how we can increase trust in these new technologies while instilling ownership of all stakeholders, to create inclusive smart cities of the future.
The time is now, for us to engage in a global dialogue to uncover breakthrough applications of Deep technology for a better tomorrow. Emerging Deep Technologies like MedTech have the potential to accelerate sustainable development and improve the lives of underserved communities. However, when it comes to deployment and adoption of these technologies at scale, the challenges are overwhelming.

In 2019,
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Deep Tech Summit 2019 At A Glance

11 November 2019
Hack Space for the Planet
12 November 2019
Singapore-Germany AI Evening:
Towards an AI-First World
13 November 2019
Networking Reception
(By Invite Only)
14 November 2019
AI for Enterprise Roundtable
(By Invite Only)
Future of Medical Innovation
Acing Leadership Roles in Tech:
An IEEE Women in Engineering Networking Night
Investors Night: Deep Tech Pitch
(By Invite Only)
15 November 2019
Expert Series: Principles to Promote FEAT in the Use of AI and Data Analytics

Deep Tech Summit Sessions at SFF x SWITCH 2019

13 November 2019

Time Session
2:00pm - 2:15pm
Deep Tech Summit Fireside Chat – The Promise of Science 

The sky is not the limit! Science has begun an irreversible trek into the unknown: outer space. Climate monitoring, crop yield prediction, urban planning, and disaster response; these are just some of the ways SpaceTech can help in improving the lives of people. We are only just beginning to understand the endless possibilities that space holds, but the promise of science is there.


Robbie Schingler, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Planet Labs


Steve Leonard, Founding CEO, SGInnovate

2:15pm - 2:45pm

Technology today is profoundly reshaping the human landscape. Even though technology has been a part of human civilisation from the beginning, its influence today is pervasive and affecting every aspect of human existence. As the global community finds itself amid unprecedented technological change, the impact of technologies such as AI, MedTech and Quantum Tech on society, and on the human condition, needs to be critically appraised and examined.

This panel discussion will provide clarity on technological applications and their potential in improving the human condition. It will also help us understand how technology can help accelerate solutions towards a more sustainable economy and society, contributing to the United Nation’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Jonathan Wong, Chief of Technology & Innovation, UNESCAP
Dr Homer Pien, Chief Scientific Officer, Philips
Robert Opp, Chief Digital Officer, UNDP


Lin Suling, Executive Editor - Commentary Section (CNA), Mediacorp

2:45pm - 3:25pm​​​

Cities across the globe are seeking innovative solutions in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the living standards of people. There are endless opportunities in this AI revolution, and many seek to tap into this potential. An inclusive and collaborative AI ecosystem that spans the whole world (and beyond) will help to maximise the returns for humanity.

Whether it is businesses, governments, researchers and talent, it will take the efforts of all to help build an AI first world! In this panel, discover how different entities can come together and work towards a beneficial AI revolution for all.


Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton
Prof Ho Teck Hua, Executive Chairman, AI Singapore
Dr Andreas Liebl, Managing Director, UnternehmerTUM GmbH
Dr Philippe Beaudoin, Senior Vice President of Research Group & Co-Founder, Element AI


Steve Leonard, Founding CEO, SGInnovate

3:25pm - 3:40pm​​

We might not yet live in a complete world of smart cities and autonomous vehicles, but all the indications are that it is the direction of travel. With the explosion of smartphones and sensors that create extreme amounts of data, it is essential to have technology to unlock new use cases and make data-driven decisions the norm. And with potentially trillions of data lines created per day, the world is now uniquely placed to create a digital blueprint of the planet – to improve everything from congestion to pollution.


Dr Steve Marsh, Chief Technology Officer, GeoSpock

3:40pm - 4:15pm​​​

With a growing population comes complex needs and demands to be met, especially in urban mobility. To meet these demands, cities must tap into data and advanced technology to reduce the stress on its infrastructure and create a better standard of living for its citizens. For smart cities to prosper, society should encourage innovation, investments and collaboration between the government, corporates and startups in urban mobility in order to create an accessible, inclusive and sustainable environment for all.


Chew Men Leong, Chief Marketing Officer, ST Engineering
Dinakar Munagala, Chief Executive
Officer, Blaize
Bernhard Schambeck, Head, BMW Startup Garage


Chiu Wen Tung, Group Director (Research & Development), Urban Redevelopment Authority


The inter-relation between AI and data has become stronger and more powerful than before because AI offers the promise of enormous benefits for individuals and society, and data feeds how AI works. As we progress in the race for AI, we need to also appreciate the value and vulnerability of data, and how important it is to have the right capabilities in data analytics to handle data and the algorithms that feed on it correctly. At the same time, for AI to deliver both economic and social progress, the responsibility for its governance as well as the trust in AI will need to be shared between the public and private sectors.


Dr Nicolas Chapados, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, Element AI
Daryl Arnold, Chairman, ConnectedLife and DEX
Maarten Camps, Secretary-General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands


Liza Lin, Correspondent, Wall Street Journal

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